Funk OS Port for Coldfire on SourceForge

I just uploaded my port of FunkOS for Coldfire microcontroller devices. The code is an Eclipse project with PE, that runs an example I created to test it. The port is not cleaned by commented code, as my time is limited. This is the reason I did not post it earlier. I thought that I need to clean it up from unused content. So time passed and I decided to get along and post it as is.

It uses a modified version of FunkOS R3. The modifications included code fixes that my MISRA checks were complaining on the original FunkOS code, mostly on external packages (like graphics).

The test code included three tasks (Idle, LedAlive, Test), that were going to sleep for a while, did something (LED toggle) and then waited to synchronize by a semaphore with an other task. That created a nice LED blinking with two LEDs.

You may find the project at COFILOS page here.

My post on FUNKOS PORT TO COLDFIRE V2 was based on this code.

I hope someone finds it useful.



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